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Diamond Mastermind

  • Diamond Mastermind
Diamond Mastermind™

I designed this program specifically for those of you who have a wealth of knowledge but no current way of generating income from it.
I know you see problems all the time that you could easily solve but you either lack the skills or confidence to turn your experience into an asset that could bring you a regular cash income.

A 6-week mastermind program delivered in a small group (max 12 people) format online

To Design, Market & Sell your product all within 6 weeks

Wk. 1 Define a specific problem you can solve for your potential clients
Wk. 2 Develop your marketing message to speak to their hearts & minds
Wk. 3 Discover your best routes to market
Wk. 4 Design your revenue-generating product
Wk. 5 Deliver through a systematized sales process
Wk. 6 Distill and refine your processes to automate your income




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