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The Art of Effective Communication in a Digital World

  • The Art of Effective Communication in a Digital World
The Art Of Effective Communication In A Digital World™

This course is for you if you are in a role that interacts with other people! Whether it is in a sales or caring capacity, communication is the key to results in every situation and circumstance.

Effective communication is an art that can be developed by anyone. In a world where digital communication is the preferred choice, face-to-face communication skills are easily misread or misjudged. Finding the right words to get your point across effectively can sometimes be a challenge. The content in this 4-session course will help you develop the confidence to choose the right words so that you are understood clearly the first time.

Taught over 4 half-day (in house) sessions you and your staff will learn the practical tools for everyday conversation.

Session 1: What is effective communication?

The 3 keys to effective communication
Types of communication
How language is formed

Session 2: Effective communication is so much more than just talking

The dance of communication
Understanding our own communication style and how we store information
Discovering the power of senses and the 6 mental faculties

Session 3: The 7 vital components of effective communication

Understand and apply the 7 vital components of effective communication
The power of intention and interest in communication
The importance of individual motivation traits

Session 4: Unlock the power of language for effective communication

Understand how words change minds
Discover how to motive regardless of preference
How to deal with HOT BUTTONS so everyone wins




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