I offer one and two day retreats based on recovering your core essence.

I am enough (one day)
Is for those who are at a stage in their life where they are doing well but seem to keep finding themselves back at square one with repeating patterns that seem to block permanent or lasting success.
I am enough is about re writing your most limiting story about yourself so that you leave at the end of the day with a fully embodied sense of what it feels like to know that you are truly enough.

Discover Your Diamond Essence (two days)
For those who are at one of life’s turning points, where you are not sure what to do next, life has thrown you some curve balls and you feel lost. You know you have much to offer but just don’t know how you can use it.

Every one of us has a core essence that has been within us from the day we were born, this workshop helps you to access your original innocence from within and bring it forward in a fun way recovering your diamond essence so that by the end of the two days you will leave with a fully energised vision and supportive plan for your future.

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