Am I Enough?

Even though we may not ask this question out loud it is one that is asked silently!
it's asked silently by our actions, our words and shows via our results!

So how do we know that we are enough?

Well like most things it depends greatly on who you ask so here is my two penneth!

I believe that in our core we are all enough!
Every one of us has different life experiences and during those experiences we make decisions, consious and unconscious that have a massive impact on our future selves. Over the years the accumulation of our decisions become the basis of our beliefs about who we believe we are. The foundation of our identity is made up of the accumulation of our decisions and the meaning we have made of what other's have said about us. So if we have grown up in a family who are always criticising and putting us down, then we'll develop the behaviours conducive to never believing we are enough. If on the other hand we grow up with parents who encourage and support us then we develop a self confidence and strong identity about who we believe we are.

If a person has grown up with narcissistic parents or they have experienced any sort of trauma growing up they tend to develop chronic people pleasing traits because they have spent their entire lives trying to prove themselves to either or both of their parents, or other perceived authority figure. These behaviours impact the personal choices made when developing relationships, looking outside of themselves for approval, for love, for acceptance. In my work as a life/business coach and breath therapist I have heard a lot of stories and know through my own experience that no one outside of us can make the decision about whether we are enough. No one else can give us permission. It must come from within us. it must come from a feeling inside us, that's why I do what I do and love every minute of it. I get to watch the transformation but only because I am prepared to take each individual to the core of their being. To stand by them and hold them in a space of nurturing while they integrate the learning from their old story, while they open the space within to begin building a new way of being.  This is what I call accessing our Diamond Essence.