Donna Still

Eliminating Fears Between The Ears

Working with inspired individuals and groups who are ready to let go of the trauma of the past and live in a new way. The way of conscious co creation, of collaboration, of connectedness with clarity and deep compassion, accessing the quantum realms within the psyche and connecting with ones true spirit or rather Diamond Essence to bring all into alignment.

The Diamond Detective | Speaker | Poet | Consultant | Conscious Breath Facilitator | Shamanic Energy Healer

I love sharing my knowledge & wisdom and I know it may seem a little weird at first to see Shamanic Energy Healer as one of my roles! BUT I felt it was time to come out of the closet and reveal the underpinning strategy of all that I do and create.

For me, business is about building connections and working relationships, those relationships need to be mutally beneficial for everyone and having worked in 15 industries over the past 40 years I realise that not everyone is on the same page.

I love working with people who are committed to succeeding in life via their chosen endeavour. Individuals who are motivated by their passion for what they offer the world and making a difference.

Over the years in my many capacities I have always looked for the tools and techniques that help individuals to overcome the barriers to their success which has led me to learn many modalities for inner and outer healing. I now have a massive tool kit that works with both the conscious and unconscious mind, works with the emotions and the psyche on many levels and I have found this works for individuals and for businesses. More importantly I have found that when a person or group of people are all working towards the same goal with enthusiasm the goal is achieved much quicker and more easily!

Mostly the people who chose to work with me are ready to finally let go of their baggage and really get down to work. My other passions are writing and speaking. All titles published are available via amazon.

Published books include the following titles, The Essence Of Being ~ Poetry on the nature of life The Art Of Effective Communication In A Digital World 101 Quotes to Think & Grow Rich, A collaboration with the Napoloeon Hill Foundation The Divine Nature Of Being ~ Poetry from the flame of devotion Ditch The Scales

Specialties: Anxiety & Stress reduction, Leadership Training, Communication & Working Relationships, Business Consulting, Management Consulting

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